Monday, November 27, 2017

Something Old / Something New

Monday, November 27, 2017


Libby Shirred Top / Frill Hem Pants / Fluffy sandal Heels / Bag by STYLENANDA

Moved into a new place a few months ago, which is why it's been such a ghost town around here lately. All of a sudden I catch myself eyeing tea sets and interior design books with way more passion than is appropriate/necessary. I guess I have a pretty obsessive personalty, which means I can't ever dabble at anything, I have to go all the way in when I find something I enjoy. Wild.
But I did buy a new top. Also please check out my thriving grapevine ^ I can't wait to make Dolmades from it. If anyone has good vegetarian recipe suggestions, feel free to link me! Look at it!! I'll be fed for months!

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  1. You look soooooo chic! I like the all black style. The fur makes cute. robe mariée dentelle